UnAsk A Question

But... It feels so good!

"Dad, it's in there again!" "AAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

-Credit belongs to Bossman72
Alright then how 'bout: It makes me feel all warm and toasty.
I'd stop humping the toaster, but wizzing on the electric fence got boring. (Ren and Stimpy)
What else is the Powedered Toast Man gonna hump? (Another Ren and Stimpy)
Humping the toaster: More electrifying than humping the washing machine. (Robot Chicken)

I would, but the vacuum says it's got a headache.

Only if you pay me 58 gazillion simoleons. Oh wait, a gazillion isn't a number so I WILL DISOBEY ORDERS. Yowuza yadderhouse |meh

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