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I'm interested in pet ducks, but I don't know whether I could keep it inside or whether it has to be taken out at regular intervals. Duck owners, tell me about your ducks! ◄mendel►

To the above answer: My duck is usually kept in it's cage, but every now and then I unzip (yes, zip) the cage and let the duck free. This usually only happens when there is a female around, because they seem to enjoy looking at, and sometimes even touching my duck. I can see the attraction of it, it is a fairly large duck, with a lot of power behind him. There are sometimes some men that want to look at or touch my duck, but I always tell them that they cannot touch my duck. I'm okay with men who like touching ducks, but I am not one of those men, and my duck is reserved for females only. I do not particularly enjoy looking at other ducks, and when I do my duck tends to go back into it's cage. Occasionally I end up touching my own duck, but that's a private thing that you shouldn't know about. There have also been times when, while zipping up the cage, my duck has gotten caught, and by jove he doesn't like it. I don't particularly like it either, as nobody wants to touch a red swollen duck. --AEtherchild

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