UnAsk A Question

A Jedi master visited you in the night and told you to join him to defeat the Empire. You refuse, but go home to find your aunt and uncle dead so you join him. Then you run into a small moon (no- that's no moon, it's a space station!) and watch that Jedi Master die after battling an evil Sith Lord. Then you band up with a group of rebels trying to fight the Empire, blowing up aforementioned space station. You journey to an icy planet, nearly freeze to death, but before you even are fully recovered are ambushed by aforemention evil Sith Lord trying to turn you to the Dark Side. After training from an extremely old Jedi master, you confront the Sith Lord, who chops your hand off and tells you he is your father. You escape his clutches only to find your bestt friend is kidnapped. Rescuing him, you traveling to your old Jedi master, who before dying reveals that a princess is your sister and confirms that the evil Sith Lord is your father. While your friends are trying to deactivate the deflector shield on that small moon (nope, definitely a space station), you surrender to the Imperial Police and let your evil Sith Lord father take you to the Emperor, hoping to redeem your father. The Emperor tries to sway you to the Dark Side, but only acheives enticing a duel between you and your father. You win and almost kill your father, but refuse when the Emperor tells you to. Angered, the Emperor zaps you and almost kills you, but fails because your father threw him off a bridge and killed him. However, your redeemed father dies minutes later. You get off the space station (which is NOT a moon- it's a space station) just before it explodes. You join the festivities with your friends celebrating the end of the Empire. Three smiling ghosts, including your redeemed father, wave at you before you go off dancing with your sister.

That, my friend, is why you have not unasked a question for a long, long time.

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