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The fridge is located at these exact spacial and temporal co-ordinates (relative to the centre of the universe)
x= 371878275 y= -651460845 z= 236533651+3i t=928414422

You can expect to find the following items in the fridge:

  • A button to summon AFK when Needed
  • A chicken that knows why it crossed the road
  • A few beers (and a diet coke for the underaged)
  • A life (for Ian)
  • 3 dozen hippies
  • The instruction manual for Wikia's new tool, Randomtime

Why these items are in the fridge is a mystery - most of them don't belong here. Luckily - you don't have to travel to the given co-ordinates to add items to the fridge (and, due to their location - you probably wouldn't want to, check your space maps - you'll understand. Unanswers' magical technology will allow you to add items to the fridge from the comfort of your own computer (or someone else's computer, if you're using that). How does it work? I'm not sure

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