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It's either the thing between your legs, or the thing that goes between your legs. ◄mendel►

An inferior replacement for the brain in men of a certain age and disposition. ◄mendel►

The penis (masculinicus hornicus) is an extremely large (or in some cases extremely small) parasite that is present in roughly 50% of the human population. This terrifying creature infects it's prey at birth and causes a drastic decrease in IQ along with irrational behaviour in adults. If you or someone you love has a penis, it is recomended that you attempt to remove it using the nearest power tool. Women are advised to be extremely cautious while aproaching the penis, however, as it will try to emit toxic hormones to lure the unsuspecting female towards it, and will then proceed to infect them with an even more unspeakable horror. No permanent cure has yet been found for people who suffer from penis. CANADA

A penis something you write with. Simsilikesims

A boy's best friend.

Finally, I'm glad someone had the balls to ask.

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