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AFK won't shout Blasphemy but I will. BLASPHEMY!

This IS the worst song ever. Seriously. It's badly written, badly performed, yet it went viral and worst of all people really think it's good. You still hear it occasionally.

It's built on the most default chord scheme there is, obviously written on keyboard by an absolute beginner. There is no melody. Following a bass line of a default chord scheme with your voice has nothing to do with composing. There is no build up in the song either. It's just two separate bad songs where the second one could have been something. But here, B is just glued to A. ABAB. Wow! Part B sucks socks. Sounds of church bells ringing when singing about a church bells ringing, god give me a BLASPHEMY break!!! "In the park there was a dog barking (woof woof) and in the attic was a cat mowing (mow mow) and in the sea a fish was swimming (blub blub) and on stage a singer was singing (huh huh)"

This song is Piano 101 and Polka in a 'modern' coat, if you think 1960/1970 3rd rank organ music is considered modern. If I were Coldplay I would be very ashamed and make apologizes every day. I couldn't believe this trash.

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