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Yes, that's right. The Unvertisements section on the main page now accepts contributions from anybody who wants to make an addition. While I love making Category:Unvertisements, some days I just don't feel that creative. Also, I like to see what others have to offer to this feature. UnAnswers doesn't get too many visitors, but I think Unvertisements has some entertainment value to those that visit. In my opinion, Making the Unvertisements system more interactive would only improve this entertainment value. Sorry if this paragraph is somewhat lengthy, I'll finish off by saying that with the open Unvertisements system, I am enthusiastic to see what other users have to contribute. An outline of how to add Unvertisements is shown below.

Thanks, and have fun using Unvertisements, Eh? CANADA 21:19, May 24, 2011 (UTC)

Contributing to unvertisements Edit

Creating an unvertisement is easy. You simply create your unvertisement page the same way you would create a question page (by typing it into the question bar), then put your unvertisement as the "answer" and submit it. Click the "add category" button and put it as unvertisements. It should now automatically appear on the main page for everyone to see :)

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