UnAsk A Question

thumb|292px|right|This is the appropriate tune for the lyrics

To whom may be reading,
You must be really bored right now,
Think of all the things you could be doing...
Unanswers wiki,
We do what we do just for the lulz,
What the point is I don't know,
I guess we must be insane
But there's no sense gaming when there's nothing to play,
We'll just keep on unanswering questions all day,
So be sure to drop by,
And give a quick "hi",
to the people who don't have a life!!
I know what you're thinking,
This is just a cheap parody,
"Don't you think that Valve will be unhappy?"
I'm not really worried,
If they find out I doub't they'd care,
On the off chance that they sue,
I'll make somebody else pay,
Now hold that thought for a second or two,
'Cause it looks like our fridge has been broken into,
And they stole our food,
And that's not good news,
For the people who don't have a life
This may be excessive,
and it may be taking up the page,
what is RT gonna do about it
I state in my defence,
I thought that it was creative,no?
For those of you who don't agree,
I guess your dead to me
well there's time worth wasting, and there's jokes to be made,
and it's not like you are ever gonna get laid,
So c'mon, log in,
I'm sure you will fit in,
with the people who don't have a life...
And beleive me we don't have a life....
Yes i'll admit that we don't have a life...
I'm being serious, we have no life...
And come tomorrow we'll still have no life....

No life...

No life!

The guitar used in this song was borrowed without authorization from the beatles exhibit in the rock hall of fame. Should an agent stop you to ask questions about said guitar, point in a random direction and state as follows: "look a dinosaur!". If and when the agent turns thier head, rotate 180 degrees and run like hell

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