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Hey there, Vince Shlomi/Salami here to make you an amazing offer on the entire country of Greece. Check this stuff out: We got ancient temples all over the place. Women in funny skirts. It's ridiculous! I'm serious, this thing is crazy. It's like, 4000 years old! and the Gemans invaded it, so you know it's gotta be good.You couldn't find a finer country anywhere else, exept possibly Japan, or Australia, or Norway or-Look you get my point. It's a good contry in only slightly worn condition.

The countries going bankrupt anyway; Seriously, this is the only time you're gonna get this offer. There's only 1, maybe 2 Greeces left in the world so don't hesitate to call in.

We know you like long drawn out commercials, so if you call in right now we'll include 3 NO, 4 shamwows, But wait, THERE'S MORE! we'll also include all of Robert Murdochs hopes and dreams, abosolutely free!

Call 1-888-452-9000. That's 1-888-452-9000. Not 2-777-624-4000, No, it's 1-888-452-9000. Seriously, call right now! You're gonna love my ceaser salad.

Vince Greek

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