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Apple inc., the producer of many highly aclaimed products such as the iPod, the iPad, and the iPayed(way too much for this thing), is pleased to anounce the release of the iTime; The first easy to use personal time travel device.


With the Apple iTime, you can:

  • View hitoric events that you were born too late to experience
  • Pretend to be Doctor Who
  • Murder Bill Gates
  • Laugh at the Romans as their entire empire collapses
  • Murder Bill gates
  • Release a plauge of dinosaurs to DEVOUR BILL GATES!!

"The iTime allowed me to show cool mordern technologies to my favourite historical heros. Archimedes was very impressed."

~David Feldsburg, Apple customer

"The iTime gave me the gift of unlimited youth, and allowed me to spread my corporate empires through every age! I'm sure fans of apple will find this product equally satisfying"

~Steven Jobs, CEO Apple Incorporated

"Someone should really go back in time and kill me"

~Bill Gates, President of Microsoft Corps

So buy an iTime today, and while you are enjoying the new found gift of time travel, make sure to advertise our products to Pheasants, Neanderthals etc.

Apple inc, enthusiastically dominating the entire planet in a way we can all enjoy!

Apple does not take any responsibility for paradoxes created by killing ones self, Grandfather, or any other direct relitive. Please use iTime with caution

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