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New, from the creators of the classic Sims games, comes a new way to experience life in the whitehouse. Introducing, The Feds, a new simulation game where you can create and customize federal executives and run the country your way.

Bush sims

The Feds includes many fun and exciting features:

  • Customize the oval office and many other areas of the federal building. Would you perfer to be called the dark lord of America? or how about turning the situation room into an aquarium? The Feds offers many unique furniture styles to fit any play style. You could even build a dance floor right into the basement of the whitehouse. Anything goes!
  • Have your Feds make public appearances, then laugh as they are assualted with various forms of footwear
  • Hold public meetings and watch your Feds fall asleep during most of them
  • Have a blast creating numerous scandals, then bribing your way out of imprisonment
  • Special editions of The Feds also include a Canadian expansion pack, where everything is made out of rainbows and socialism

The Feds is available on all platforms except the Wii, because we don't like Nintendo very much.

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