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The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click here.

Join The Madness!Edit

To contribute to this site, UnAnswer any question you like the look of. Remember, we are not WikiAnswers! We want the funny, witty or outright hilarious answer, not the correct answer. You can always stay in touch on the IRC Channel on FreeNode.

New lay-out for the main page Edit

Since there have been some modifications to the main page in the form of the Unadvertisements, I believed the page was starting to look weird. This was not the fault of the unadvertisements themselves, they just contributed to it.
What bothered me the most was that to see what was "featured", you had to scroll down nearly al the way, and I believe that that's not what something featured should be, so I moved it to the top, where it really is featured.
Another thing I dislike was that the unanswers for dummies image pushed everything away from eachother. There was a lot of room around it in all directions, and there was still a lot of room next to the recent unanswers and unasked questions. long questions should just wrap around to the next line if I'm not mistaken, and there is still a lot of room vertically to allow it to do so.

I went ahead and did these minor modifications, along with weeding out some older and by now less important announcements (all together with some joke announcements). I believe there's still room for joke announcements, but for the sake of the main page lay out, I'd prefer not to keep them up permanently.

I look forward to any criticism and/or suggestions. I personally fear it might be too cluttered, but I hope people like it.


Polls have been fixed!!

Previously, polls would display normally, however they would not display the number of total voters and there was a problem with them displaying the time and date of when the poll was created. We are proud to announce than these problems have been fully remedied.

Using This PageEdit

Discussions, as usual, belong on the Talk Page. This page is designed more for the distribution of information. Polls may, indeed perhaps should, be placed on this page.

This is because since the talk page is for discussion, people seeking information may only look at this page to catch the lastest news. That is not a sufficient reason to stop them for having their say in community decisions (e.g. it's encouraged to vote)


While we love to see people UnAnswering, please do UnAsk Questions as well. While we heartily welcome multiple responses per Question, the Wiki will die without an ever-increasing supply of Questions to be found. If you're thinking of shamelessly ripping something off... please do! As long as you don't break the law (e.g. copyrighted images...) we really don't mind how original you decide not to be.

To UnAsk a new Question simply type it into the field below and click the button! Please note that our software automatically adds a question mark - we ask you refrain from doing so yourself.

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