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Be Bold

This page is an Official Policy on UnAnswers @ Wikia. It has wide acceptance among Users and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the Talk Page to suggest changes.

Be Bold... in contributing, not attitude.

The Spirit Of The RuleEdit

The UnAnswers Community encourages users to be bold when updating pages. Sites like ours develop much faster when anyone and everyone helps to fix problems, correct grammar, add questions (or answer them), make sure the wording is accurate, etc. We expect everyone to be bold and help make UnAnswers a better place. UnAnswers not only allows you to think about, twist, and answer a question — it wants you to really get into the spirit of the site. This does require some amount of politeness, but it works. You will see. Also, of course, others here will edit what you write. Do not take it personally. They, like all of us, just want to make UnAnswers as good as it can possibly be.

Also, when you see a conflict in a talk page, do not be just a "mute spectator". Be bold and drop your opinion there, or ask people to calm down.


Though the boldness of contributors like you is Answers @ Wikia's most precious asset, it is important that contributors do not edit recklessly. "Being Bold" does not excuse a disregard for policies or respect towards fellow Users. However, any changes you make that turn out badly can be reverted, often quite painlessly. It is important not to be insulted if your changes are reverted or edited further. Although Users often display ownership of the pages they've added or the answers they have provided, we all understand that UnAnswers is a place of collaboration. The BOLD, revert, discuss cycle is one popular way to use the "Be Bold" approach responsibly, especially when other editors have questions over your ideas. Being Bold does not include UnAnswering your own question, which goes against our rules.

The unintended consequences of certain significant changes can be more lasting, for better or for worse. This includes changes that are difficult to undo for technical reasons, like renaming the questions, creating new categories (see below) or other non-article pages, etc. Such edits are often warranted but please be sure you know what you are doing and feel free to ask for advice.

Also, substantial changes or deletions to the articles on complex, controversial subjects with long histories should be done with extra care. In many cases, the text as you find it has come into being after long and arduous negotiations between Users of diverse backgrounds and points of view. A careless edit to such an article might stir up a hornet's nest, and other Users who are involved in the page may become defensive. If you would like to make a significant edit to an article on a controversial subject (not just a simple copyedit), it is a useful idea to first read the article in its entirety and skim the comments on the talk page. On controversial articles, the safest course is to find consensus before making changes, but there are situations when bold edits can safely be made to contentious articles, always use your very best editorial judgement in these cases and be sure to read the the Talk Page.

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