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The wiki about "answering" questions that anyone can edit. We have 12,466 Questions since May 2009.


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Hi! To contribute to this site, UnAnswer any question you like the look of. Remember, we are not WikiAnswers! We want the funny, witty or outright hilarious answer, not the correct answer.

Or - better yet - UnAsk something yourself!

When contributing, please be aware of the Policies of this site - thank you.

If you'd prefer, you can contribute to UnAnswers in German.

Also, be sure to visit our sister wiki Mirthpedia, a wiki for jokes of all kinds.

Don't go here. Actually, forget I said anything.

Creating Pages

If you want to create a new page, here's your chance! Don't be shy! :) The only thing to remember is don't use this for making your user page. You must register an account with Wikia first.

When you have one, click on your name on the top of the screen. Then get busy! :) On it there'll be a link to your UserWiki page, which uses the "normal" format.

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at this point, our ad commitee gave up on trying to reason with the septuagenarian radio host and had executive management fire him Unvertisements is open to anyone. This Unvertisement is brought to you by CANADA.

Notable Events

  • 1 April '12 — We regret to inform you that UnAnswers will be closing down due to wikia complaints on encouraging abusive content. We would encourage you all to spam as much as you can while it is still online.
  • 10 October '11 — After spamming over 500 questions on a single evening/night, Khono made us hit the 11 000th question.
  • 25 June '11 — The Conspiracy wiki continues to not exist. Stop reading this. Please stop.
  • 14 June '11 — CANADA Joins the admin team!
  • 16 May '11 — UnAnswers didn't celebrate its 2nd birthday, because we kinda forgot.
  • 9 April '11 — M.mendel and Me Again have been promoted to sysop, and Randomtime became a Bureacrat!
  • 15 May '10 — Just as UnAnswers becomes one year old, we hit the 5,000 Questions Mark! Thank You and Happy Birthday from the UnAnswers Administration!
  • 16 May '09 — UnAnswers @ Wikia was created.


This site is intended to be funny. It's UnAnswers, so you UnEdit pages. To access Talk Pages, click on Complain.

Remember that this is a joke, and jokes only go so far. Never think that the Sysops (Administrators) and Bureaucrats will ignore you. Do not let the Complain tab stop you from talking on Talk Pages. This Wiki, perhaps more than any other in existance, is nothing without its community. It's a Humor site. Thus, it's social. Remember, they are Talk Pages for a reason.

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