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Eisenhower was born 1890. That would make him 120 years old by 2010. The oldest person in recorded history was a Frenchwoman, who died at 123. Most men do not live past 65 before they crump or become permanently incapacitated, with the exception of males who are named Moe or Sal, who continue another 40 and then they crump. Since Eisenhower was not named Moe or Sal, but Dwight (the strangest name since Millard Fillmore), he is definitely dead.

Dwight D. Eisenhower perished on March 28, 1969 while giving and receiving oral sex. He was buried in a small chapel on the grounds of the Eisenhower Presidential Library, for reasons of cost effectiveness. Unfortunately, the minor holy aura from the chapel was not enough to keep his spirit at bay and he rose up from the dead April 10, 1969. Not much is known as to what he did with his time after this until he was found on on February 15, 1978 at the Monroeville Mall. He died the second time of a gunshot to the head. [1]



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