UnAsk A Question

Only if the sometimes quite complicated answers are at least the same length, although I prefer them to be longer, does that completely answer your very very long, complicated and actually quite stupid and redundant question?

Can you please repeat the question?

It's really all relative, that is, a long question is really only good if it's redundant and repetitive, saying the same thing in many words as could have been said in many fewer, simpler, clearer, more concise. Some questions may actually require clarification, so they don't really count, unless they are still long enough to be overly repetitive. If it doesn't say the same thing using many more words than necessary how will we know how important it is and how important the speaker is to ramble on and on because we're all honored to hear (or read) all the precious words... and really, really wouldn't want them to stop so we can answer the question before we pass out from lack of food. Short, simple, easy to understand questions and answers are boring, concise and don't require enough concentration to follow or understand.

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