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First, use your favorite search engine to find the name farms in your local area. (Many allow you to pay a flat fee for picking as many names as you can.) Next, remember to take with you gardening gloves, a shears, and some type of soap (picking names can get quite sticky). If you have one, bring a ladder.

Once you get to the name farm, try to go to the far corners so that you can look for less popular names. Use the ladder (if you have one) to search the tops of trees. Named are well-memed if they smell fresh, look inviting (but not dramatic), and are somewhat difficult to pick. Avoid low hanging names, as lots of other people will have tried them before you.

When picking the name, grasp the middle letters gently and pull down and out in a circular motion. Be careful to avoid yanking.

Hao if your Asian name found if not well now you have an Asian sounding name Xo USA oX ΨΩℵß

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