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Unvertisement of the week 18?

thumb|292px|right|This is the appropriate tune for the lyrics
To whom may be reading,
You must be really bored right now,
Think of all the things you could be doing...
Unanswers wiki,
We do what we do just for the lulz,
What the point is I don't know,
I guess we must be insane
But there's no sense gaming when there's nothing to play,
We'll just keep on unanswering questions all day,
So be sure to drop by,
And give a quick "hi",
to the people who don't have a life!!
I know what you're thinking,
This is just a cheap parody,
"Don't you think that Valve will be unhappy?"
I'm not really worried,
If they find out I doub't they'd care,
On the off chance that they sue,
I'll make somebody else pay,
Now hold that thought for a second or two,
'Cause it looks like our fridge has been broken into,
And they stole our food,
And that's not good news,
For the people who don't have a life
This may be excessive,
and it may be taking up the page,
what is RT gonna do about it
I state in my defence,
I thought that it was creative,no?
For those of you who don't agree,
I guess your dead to me
well there's time worth wasting, and there's jokes to be made,
and it's not like you are ever gonna get laid,
So c'mon, log in,
I'm sure you will fit in,
with the people who don't have a life...
And beleive me we don't have a life....
Yes i'll admit that we don't have a life...
I'm being serious, we have no life...
And come tomorrow we'll still have no life....

No life...

No life!

The guitar used in this song was borrowed without authorization from the beatles exhibit in the rock hall of fame. Should an agent stop you to ask questions about said guitar, point in a random direction and state as follows: "look a dinosaur!". If and when the agent turns thier head, rotate 180 degrees and run like hellRisenPhoenix 2016-01-20 16:56:32 (Portal, Songs, UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 19?

:Look at your mare
now back to me
now back to your mare
now back to me
Sadly she's not me,
but if she started using Irish meadows horse shampoo
she could smell more like me
Look up. Where are you?
Your galloping through an open field wearing your favorite saddle that
farmer Brown got for you a month ago.
Look in front of you,
it's a delicious round bale of the finest hay in the country
Look again!
Anything is possible when your mare is scrubbed
with Irish Meadows horse shampoo.

Isaiah mustafaEl Nazgir 2011-10-02 18:11:58 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 17?

=== Attention ===

There are over 300,000,000 children starving in africa


Oh, there's nothing you can do about it. I just wanted to remind you in case you were having a good day. CANADA 2011-09-01 15:25:20 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 16?


A fruit that's not a grape
You can put it in a crepe
They are a circular shaaaaaaape

Duisguised as Russian men
Eat em' again and again
They're exchangable for yeeeeeeeen

Attention, The grapefruit news
15% off all grapefruit shoes
I'm your host, my name is grapefruit Tim
And now i'll turn the mic over to Kim
Thanks Tim, and in the news today
12 Grapefruits drowned in Grapefruit Bay
and now for the weather report
It's raining grapefruit at every single port

Heading at high velocity
some resemble Jim Carrey
They're commanding your armyyyyyyy

Breaking into song
Battling King Kong
We hope you sang aloooooong
GRAPEFRUIT!! El Nazgir 2011-08-06 23:20:01 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 15?

Hey there, Vince Shlomi/Salami here to make you an amazing offer on the entire country of Greece. Check this stuff out: We got ancient temples all over the place. Women in funny skirts. It's ridiculous! I'm serious, this thing is crazy. It's like, 4000 years old! and the Gemans invaded it, so you know it's gotta be good.You couldn't find a finer country anywhere else, exept possibly Japan, or Australia, or Norway or-Look you get my point. It's a good contry in only slightly worn condition.

The countries going bankrupt anyway; Seriously, this is the only time you're gonna get this offer. There's only 1, maybe 2 Greeces left in the world so don't hesitate to call in.

We know you like long drawn out commercials, so if you call in right now we'll include 3 NO, 4 shamwows, But wait, THERE'S MORE! we'll also include all of Robert Murdochs hopes and dreams, abosolutely free!

Call 1-888-452-9000. That's 1-888-452-9000. Not 2-777-624-4000, No, it's 1-888-452-9000. Seriously, call right now! You're gonna love my ceaser salad.

Vince GreekCANADA 2011-07-31 18:54:19 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 14?

Need to do some quick-fix DIY but can't be bothered to get off your backside for more than five minutes? Love that shiny, monochrome look? Need to buy some new shoes but you're agoraphobic and your internet's on the blink? Just self-harmed and need something to cover up the huge, gaping gash in your wrist? Need toilet paper? A dog chew toy? A bikini wax? Contraception? A cheap, disposable gag and/or torture implements? That's right- you need duct tape!

Please note: duct tape is not suitable for taping ducts.Me Again 2011-07-26 10:30:17 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 13?

Apple inc., the producer of many highly aclaimed products such as the iPod, the iPad, and the iPayed(way too much for this thing), is pleased to anounce the release of the iTime; The first easy to use personal time travel device.


With the Apple iTime, you can:

  • View hitoric events that you were born too late to experience
  • Pretend to be Doctor Who
  • Murder Bill Gates
  • Laugh at the Romans as their entire empire collapses
  • Murder Bill gates
  • Release a plauge of dinosaurs to DEVOUR BILL GATES!!

"The iTime allowed me to show cool mordern technologies to my favourite historical heros. Archimedes was very impressed."

~David Feldsburg, Apple customer

"The iTime gave me the gift of unlimited youth, and allowed me to spread my corporate empires through every age! I'm sure fans of apple will find this product equally satisfying"

~Steven Jobs, CEO Apple Incorporated

"Someone should really go back in time and kill me"

~Bill Gates, President of Microsoft Corps

So buy an iTime today, and while you are enjoying the new found gift of time travel, make sure to advertise our products to Pheasants, Neanderthals etc.

Apple inc, enthusiastically dominating the entire planet in a way we can all enjoy!

Apple does not take any responsibility for paradoxes created by killing ones self, Grandfather, or any other direct relitive. Please use iTime with cautionRansomTime 2011-07-25 10:57:31 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 12?

New, from the creators of the classic Sims games, comes a new way to experience life in the whitehouse. Introducing, The Feds, a new simulation game where you can create and customize federal executives and run the country your way.
Bush sims

The Feds includes many fun and exciting features:

  • Customize the oval office and many other areas of the federal building. Would you perfer to be called the dark lord of America? or how about turning the situation room into an aquarium? The Feds offers many unique furniture styles to fit any play style. You could even build a dance floor right into the basement of the whitehouse. Anything goes!
  • Have your Feds make public appearances, then laugh as they are assualted with various forms of footwear
  • Hold public meetings and watch your Feds fall asleep during most of them
  • Have a blast creating numerous scandals, then bribing your way out of imprisonment
  • Special editions of The Feds also include a Canadian expansion pack, where everything is made out of rainbows and socialism

The Feds is available on all platforms except the Wii, because we don't like Nintendo very much. A F K When Needed 2011-07-09 19:01:20 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unadvertisement of the week 11?

"I thought it would make me popular"

"They told me I could taste the rainbow"


Don't let an addiction control your life,

say NO to skittles

A message from the CPAC (concerned people against candy) CANADA 2011-07-03 21:45:14 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 10?


Nyan catCANADA 2011-06-27 23:16:52 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Unvertisement of the week 9?

Got any used explosives that you don't need anymore? Looking to dispose of some old atomic bombs? I will buy any and all WOMDs.You set the price, and there are no hidden costs. I will also be willing to send some of my freinds over to cut your lawn, wash your vehicle ect. in exchange for the items requested.

Here are my details:

4534,palace street,
Pyonyang,North Korea

remember this

DictatorCANADA 2011-06-19 23:28:54 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

CANADA's unvertisement of the week 5?

*I got 99 problems and 80 of them have to do with this rhinoceros in my swimming pool.
Bali safari park picture by trayden
A F K When Needed 2011-06-13 17:13:38 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

UnAnswers unvertisement of the week 8?

* McBurgers corporation now offers Soylent McGreen.
  • It costs only 1.00 per serving.
  • Now with almost NO CALORIES!
  • Soylent McGreen — tastes like family!
  • Soylent McGreen is officially made of plankton.

Soylent Green - To Serve Man

  • "almost no" is logically equivalent to "not no".
  • All the plankton died of radioactive poisoning.
  • Part of a healthy breakfast! A F K When Needed 2011-06-13 17:03:49 (Family, Food, UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

UnAnswers unvertisement of the week 7?

:Everything looks better with a top hat.
A F K When Needed 2011-06-13 17:03:40 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

CANADA's unvertisement of the week 8?

Tired of AFK always bombarding you with questions?

TRY NEW WIKI-OUT. just spray it wherever there are excessive questions, and *POOF* all of your troubles are gone! A F K When Needed 2011-06-13 17:03:24 (UnAnswered, Unvertisements )

Used for vandalizing the main page. Rawr.


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