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Am I a subatomic particle?

Yes. That is why you were capable of asking that question. Sarcasm FTW!!! MenacePotatoe 2016-04-07 22:24:36 (Chemistry, Identity, Science, UnAnswered )

Can i be a girl?

Yes, but the Internet will mock you for it. It's just one of life's sad truths. ~AgentMuffin:)AgentMuffin 2016-02-19 03:41:29 (Gender, Girls, Identity, Internet, UnAnswered )

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

A carpenter who assembled the major structural elements of a wood-framed building. Yowuza yadderhouse |meh

The same guy who framed Jazz Jackrabbit. --El Nazgir sigEl_Nazgir

I framed Roger Rabbit and he's hanging on my wall! User:BigSpinCoasterBigSpinCoaster 2016-02-16 22:03:04 (Identity, UnAnswered )

Who interviews the interviewer?

Why, the interviewer, of course! 2013-08-27 18:47:16 (Identity, UnAnswered )

Who is this "Bill"-person everyone keeps talking about?

I don't know but our dog bit him in the bottom.

I don't know but I think he must be a friend of the postman. Everywhere the postman goes, the dreaded Bills are sure to follow.

He's still being passed so we don't know

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TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO..... Oh sorry, I was just singing Anyway he's bill gates and he's a loser Shadows60 2012-11-22 06:26:36 (Identity, Names, UnAnswered )

What's my name?

Your name is Zephyr. OMG YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!

Call me.... The Plague.

Call me Ishmael.

I am Captain Planet!

Captain, Jean Luc Picard of the USS, Enterprise.

Call me tonight, sometime past seven.

Rumplestiltskin! Or is it Rumble*? Wrinkle*? Anyway, you're a disgusting goblin and this here dagger will do away with you quite nicely.

Call me maybe. 2012-11-13 02:53:04 (Identity, Names, People, UnAnswered )

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

The wicked watch of the worst!

SquareBob SpongePants?

Chuck Norris?--PiKaPi talk blog

SpongeBob SquarePants

if its under the sea doesn't that mean its within the mantle of the earth and therefore satan lives under that? Ian_Should_Get_A_Life 37 ©©©©©

No, youre thinking Satin. He's that red guy with horns and a giant fork, which is rather impressive because you'd think he would use that to eat, yet he has washboard abs. But I digress. UnjustifiableBanningOnBehalfOfSomeGuyIveNeverMetA F K When Needed 2011-06-10 15:14:36 (Identity, Oceans, Pineapples, Sea, UnAnswered, Underwater )

Who is the walrus?

Wallace Russel, also known as Wall Russ, is the son of Master Pin E. Ped, part of the influential Mammalia family. His close cousins are Celia and Lionel. M.mendel 2011-04-20 22:01:43 (Animals, Categorically Fucked, Identity, Song Lyrics, UnAnswered, Walruses )

Who lives at 221 A Baker Street?

Sherlock Holmes's neighbour.

Someone who wants 10 dollars to pay for it! Yallow 2011-04-05 01:15:39 (Identity, UnAnswered )

Who is satin?

That guy who gives out those pamphlets encouraging ignorance.

A bit like Satan, except he's made out of tin instead. Yowuza yadderhouse | meh

Satin or Satan? --Lineriderfan rules! Don't annoy me!

The guy who invented silk. 2011-03-31 21:28:22 (Identity, People, Religion, The Devil, UnAnswered )

Who runs the cloud factories?

God and Allah, working peacefully together of course (not Jahweh, he got fired for slacking off).

The wind.

Willy Wonka! Yallow 2011-03-06 01:58:40 (Identity, UnAnswered )

My collar is black, what kind of worker am I?


A coal miner! Yallow 2011-02-10 01:11:06 (Black, Clothing, Identity, Jobs, UnAnswered )

Who is dumb?

The guy at Target who never double bags my groceries no matter how many times I remind him that I need them double bagged is pretty dumb.

Well, there's Dumbo. It's an Italian version. Yallow 2011-02-02 21:14:31 (Identity, Stupidity, UnAnswered )

Who should I bless?

you and all who sail in you

The flexible, for they can tie themselves in knots! Yallow 2011-01-30 17:59:23 (Identity, Prayers, UnAnswered )

Who is the king?

I am the king! Does this mean I have to put on a fake beard? Yallow

Here in America we do not believe in kings.

The king has no balls....does that make him the queen? M.mendel 2011-01-29 13:42:13 (Government, Identity, UnAnswered )


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