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The /b/tards do it for teh lulz. --Zapwire (Talk|contribs) 20:28, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

It's similar to Obama Wiki Maker 3000 2012-08-30 02:44:18 (4chan, UnAnswered )

What is the game?

if you"ve heard of it, your playing it right now. Don't think about it and your winning. It will end when the prime minister of England goes on television and says the game has ended. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!
As a matter of fact...Me Again 2011-01-11 20:43:24 (4chan, Internet memes, UnAnswered )

What is 4chan?

Presents that you brought for Chan. DURR TEH DURR. Yowuza yadderhouse | meh

It is love. Those babies hurt me, they hurt me, slow mo. Khono 2010-04-09 21:38:06 (4chan, Definitions, UnAnswered )

Why did they ban me from 4chan?

There should be a reason as to why they banned you. Did you post "eval()"? That's an instaban.

And since they probably only banned your IP.. you can always use the trick I use:

  1. Turn off wireless router
  2. Turn on wireless router
  3. Receive new IP address
  4. Go back on 4chan, but don't use any special names

Chocolate milk

--El Nazgir sigEl_NazgirA F K When Needed 2010-03-26 16:53:51 (4chan, Reasons, UnAnswered )

What's your favourite board on 4chan?

Duh, /b/ of course. A F K When Needed 2010-03-18 20:00:34 (4chan, Preference, UnAnswered )

Is this going to grow into a 4chan?

A 4chan? There is only one 4chan: The 4chan! Yowuza yadderhouse | mehYowuza 2010-03-18 17:43:47 (4chan, Humor, UnAnswered )

4chan - Lulz + (Fail x ∞) =?

Unanswers, give or take .001 fail.--El Nazgir sigEl_NazgirA F K When Needed 2010-02-22 18:54:15 (4chan, UnAnswered )

Do you know The Game?

Goddamn you, El_Nazgir! You just made me lose!

I just lost The Game again! I was on a roll! --Lineriderfan rules! Don't annoy me! A F K When Needed 2010-02-05 19:25:25 (4chan, Knowledge, The Game, UnAnswered )

Oprah + Over 9000 penises?

Looks like Oprah is going to have a lot of kids to take care of.

I think you are confusing her with Jessica Alba, because no boy would ever give their Leg to Oprah, let alone 9000.

Wait, what? I thought she was female! --El Nazgir sigEl_NazgirEl Nazgir 2009-11-20 07:10:11 (4chan, Memes, People, UnAnswered )

Do you know 4chan? And if you do, do you wish you'd have never heard of it?

No, but I know GwenChan. ;)

Yes, and Yes, And You(El_Nazgir) are the cause for both. DoinDoin 2009-10-12 16:49:22 (4chan, UnAnswered )

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